(including Kalimpong, Kurseong, Mirik.):

Dasain (October):

Main festival of Nepalese in Darjeeling region. It signifies the good over evil. Like in Sikkim, the elders of the family apply “Tika” on the forehead of the youngsters and bless them.

Tihaar (October or November):

Festivals of light and merrymaking as celebrated throughout India by the Hindus. Like in Sikkim, this festival is celebrated by Hindus in Darjeeling region where Nepali folks sing the carols of “Dewsi” and “Vailo”visiting the houses of their folks.

Maghey Sankranti (Mid-January):
Celebrated by Nepalese where it is marked by taking early morning bath. Merry making and feasting mainly with delicacies like sweet potatoes and underground tubers. Beni Mela is held under DGHC at the banks near the confluence of Teesta and Rangeet Rivers near Teesta Bazaar, which is about 40 kilometres from Darjeeling and 15 kilometres from Kalimpong, where the place is also accessible from Siliguri through Sevoke Road, leading to Kalimpong and Sikkim.

Christmas (25th December):
Festivals of Christian’s world over is also celebrated in Darjeeling. The cold wintry nights are lively with “Carol” and melody of music where even the people of other religious group support to make the festival a success. Signifies equality, peace and love amongst the people. Christians decorate the houses with Christmas Trees and other decorative items with feasting and merry making.